Monday, May 23, 2011


I know this post is really late so I'm not gonna bore you with my words - here is a link to all the pictures from our trip. If you ever get the chance to go on this trip we highly recommend it. Thank you again Dave from Redstone Cyclery for tuning up my bike and for the hospitality.

Voodoo Fire - Pueblo, CO

The Voodoo Fire race in Pueblo, CO was the start of an epic week of riding in Moab, UT and Fruita, CO with the RF's and Eyberg. We all decided to to the half-marathon race which was a 35 mile course. Looking online at some posts from local riders showed it was gonna be a fast course with not a lot of technical rocky terrain except for some shale rock. The race started with a nice paved hill climb to seperate people out before the singletrack. Once we hit the singletrack I found out quick that cornering was gonna be a bit tough, they consisted of some loose dirt and small rock. I started making moves early to work my way up front and was moving thru successfully. I came across Ryan on the side, asked if he was good and he just yelled "GO GO GO" ok onward I went - found out later he cut a sidewall and went thru 2 tubes and that ended his day. The shale rock was taking a toll on a lot of riders, as I saw changing tubes on the side of course. Then it was my turn I was on some doubletrack and felt the rear of my bike start moving around a bit so I looked back and sure enough my tire was going low. I stopped off to the side of the course and found out that I had a cut in my sidewall also, which ended my day. Eyberg finished 7th out of 36 in the age group and Roxy took home 1st in her division. Great job. On the brighter side if you check out this link there is a cool link to a picture of me in Mountain Flyer magazine

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bone Bender 2011

Bone Bender 2011

Bone Bender, name is fitting for the course in Lawrence, KS Clinton Lake, lots of rocky terrain and for us Omaha peeps not something we are accustomed to. Platte River is the only course with some terrain similar to it, Clinton Lake is Platte x 100. I decided to do the 3hr race and was very glad I did as it really turned into almost a 4hr event. The race began with a LeMans start, we had to run up a hill to find your bike, hit some pavement and then onto the singletrack. I saw one dude fall while running at the beginning  he probably got trampled by the mob of racers, felt bad for him. I had a descent start but we got backed up a bit and had to jump off to get over a rocky hill section because if you didn't have any momemtum you weren’t going to make it. I broke off from the madness pretty quick and put some distance on the pack which was nice, I could ride my race without having someone breathing down my neck and make silly mistakes since I had no idea what was to come. I came in after my 3rd lap around 2hr 48 minutes so... 4th lap here we go thanks to Rafal yelling at me"get out there and do the 4th lap” - much appreciated as it would have dropped me in final spots if I hadn’t gone. The course had a little of everything some rocky areas, some nice flowing big ring sections (which I took full advantage of) water crossings and some hills. The course was in perfect condition considering Thursday they had bout 2" of rainfall. The trip was a blast, I have to thank Ryan and Rox for the ride down and back and Kevin for the hotel room on Saturday night, it was nice not having to get up and drive 3 hours Sunday morning and race. To cap it off we all took home some hardware as Ryan took 2nd in the Cat 1 Open, Rox took 3rd in the Cat 1 Open women and I took home 1st in the Cat 2 Open. Next up the Voodoo Fire 35 miler in Pueblo, CO on April 23rd then onto Moab and capping it off at the Rabbit Valley XC in Fruita, CO on April 30th.

Here is a link to full results:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Day at Union Pacific

Wasn't there a song by some dude named Frank Sinatra that went something like this? Ok so maybe its slightly remixed but aren’t all songs this era?
Well this one is remixed by "DJ RICK" ha ha for you Mike.

Start spreading the news...about all that is THOR. I’m learning more today and want you to be a part of it THOR yes THOR, These cycling shoes are longing to ride... right thru the very trails that THOR prepares for you and I. I want to wake up in a city that is informed and find that we’re building these trails for you to enjoy, Theres this little trail called Jewell and its right on the way... to another great trail built for you by THOR yes THOR. If we can build it there we can build it anywhere its up to you to find out more about THOR yes THOR. ♪♪♪

Yesterday Union Pacific had their Earth Day in the building lobby from 10-1, a lot of vendors supporting health and wellness, Trek Store, and of course THOR. Roxzanne Feagan, Mark Herbst, Patty and myself all took some time out of our day to go and support this event. I think we had a great turnout, a lot of people came up and were asking questions on what exactly we do and where the trail systems are. We had a great display and brochures that we were able to hand out to everyone to make them more knowledgeable.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

InVaSiOn oF SpAnDeX - Bellevue Ballihoo

InVaSiOn oF SpAnDeX - Bellevue Ballihoo

This past weekend was the Bellevue Ballihoo. Last year after racing the whole Psycowpath series in the Cat 3 Open class and taking the championship I had to move up to Cat 2. I am very excited to move up in class and get a chance to race against different competion this year. I was feeling good leading up to the weekend but I will admit on Friday as the time neared and I was getting registered the butterflies were there. This was also my first race after joining Elkhorn Valley Cycling Club. The race weekend was 3 races in 2 days, Jewell Time Trial, then Swanson short-track and then Sunday the Swanson XC race. Started the weekend off at Jewell for a time trial, I really like the course I just don't ride it very often so I was just looking to better my time of 22:00 from last year. After completing the 3.5 mile jewell of a course my time was 20:50 which placed me 6th out of 20, I was very happy as I shaved some time off and placed well but Jewell still kicked my ass.... took a good 10 minutes to get my chest from burning after race. After the race the family went to get some Subway, needed some food before the next race. Swanson was setup as a Crit, I didnt have much knowledge on how this was gonna play out I just figured pedal as fast as you can and good things will happen. I loved the course they setup much props to the RF's and Psycowpath the course was excellent. I finished 6th out of 15 and again was pleased.

Sunday woke up and the legs felt a little stiff but once I was up and moving around they loosened up. The Swanson XC is a 3 lap event so I knew I had to pace myself a bit and not burn up too early. My goal was to get out early to avoid the mass bottle-neck once we hit the singletrack, WELL..... that didn't happen. I really need to work on my starts this year and not fall back and have to work my way up to the front. Now back to the bottle-neck we hit the singletrack and second corner we got backed up a bit I slowed down and then when I went to go a root had a different idea, I hit it and down I went, as I'm picking myself and the bike up I watch 2-3 riders go on by. I composed myself and on I went, but in the back of my head I'm still thinking of the time and positions I lost so I was pushing it pretty hard,  and guess what I was taking a corner a little wide and my pedal hit a tree branch that was there and low and behold over the handlebars I went. Once again I watch 2-3 riders go by, as I get going a fellow rider has the quote of the day "If you keep it on 2 wheels you won't have to keep passing me" Great Advice. So not even 1/2 lap in I'm down twice... and I love this course outside of Platte my favorite and I ride it quite often so wasn't like anything unexpected out there. At this point I'm pissed and determined to make it up to
the front, I am passing quite a few riders, only bad thing is I don't know if they are in my class or in marathon, oh well just keep it up. I finished strong and ended up in 7th out of 26 riders, a nice field. So after all was done I was happy considering the start I had. The Psycowpath racing weekend had a great start with over 200 registered riders on Sunday and also the Omaha DEVO first kids race also took place, great job to them also. Great weekend of racing and the weather  held out for us and as always I couldn’t do it without the support of my family. Thank you! Next up is the BoneBender at Clinton Lake in Kansas on April 17, hope to see all there!

Quoteof the day: Fellow competitor to me, Keep it on 2 wheels and you won't have to keep passing me.
Quote of the day from Alicia: “DAD FIGHT LIKE YOU WANT IT” this was yelled at me as I was going onto lap 2. Ha Ha good stuff.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New CX Bike

I have wanted a CX bike for quite some time so that I could get some good long miles in. I found a good deal on a Scott Team CX Comp bike that I jumped on. Went out on Saturday and got in 30 miles, felt good to get back on the bike I haven't been out since Thanksgiving morning. Here are a couple pics... just for you Mike.